Audio WAV MP3 Joiner

Audio WAV MP3 Joiner 1.12

The program takes two or more source WAV or MP3 files and joins them together
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Audio WAV MP3 Joiner is a small and practical software application whose main function is to take two or more source WAV or MP3 audio files and join them together into one larger file, which can then be saved in any of the two formats supported. It also allows you to configure the most important output parameters specific to each format.

The program presents a simple and easy to use "Windows 95"-style user interface, where all the file joining process is structured in four easy steps. The first one allows you to add and remove any number of audio files, as well as change their order. Each file is analyzed on the fly when added to the list, so that the program can show you important information about it, such as the file type (format), the duration, the file size, frequency, bit rate, number of channels, and its original location. Once your list is ready, you will be able to choose the output format between WAV and MP3 on the next step.

After that, you may want to configure the output parameters, which are specific to the destination format chosen on the previous step. For the MP3 format, you can define the frequency, the number of channels, the bit rate, and the overall quality. If you choose to use a Variable Bit Rate (VBR), you will need to select a maximum possible bit rate. For the WAV format, on the other hand, you can only select the frequency, the number of channels, and the number of bits per sample. Finally, on the next step you are required to choose the resulting audio file name and its location so that you can start the process. This might take a while depending mainly on the number of source audio files involved.

The resulting audio file is seamlessly generated according to the selected parameters. However, the program's trial version allows you to join files for only 10 times before you have to buy a license and register it.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Light
  • Easy to use
  • Simple user interface
  • Analyzes each audio file when added to the source list and displays its main parameters
  • Allows you to configure the output parameters for both WAV and MP3 formats


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